Jayanta Chattopadhyay
Application Development Engineer, Application & Market Development Division
Aramco Performance Materials

Dr Jayanta Chattopadhyay is an Application Development Engineer in Aramco Performance Materials (APM). Jayanta brings over 15 years of research experience in the fields of chemistry, material science, nano-materials/adhesives, and CASE (Coating, Adhesive, Sealant, and Elastomer) application expertise in APM’s Application Development team. At APM, he is responsible for the application development of CONVERGE® Polyols in different market segments.

Jayanta received his M.S. in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Madras, India and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Rice University in Houston, TX. He has presented in numerous industry conferences and has more than 15 external peer reviewed journals publications and patents. Many of his work have been patented and highlighted in Science in 2008. Jayanta began his career as a Research Scientist in SABIC, Houston, Texas where he worked on the development and scaling up of zeolite based catalyst (Pt/Metal-ZSM) for petrochemical industry. After that, he spent couple of years as a Sr. Research Scientist in Cytec/Solvay group on the development of breakthrough technology based on epoxy based film adhesives, light weight carbon fiber composites, and low density potting compounds for aerospace industry. Prior to joining APM, Jayanta worked at Laticrete International where he developed and commercialized Industry first Bio/sustainable material based adhesive and polyurethane based floor coatings for construction industry.

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