Why Exhibit?

UTECH North America will attract a high level, targeted audience, relevant to your business. Unlike other shows, UTECH is 100% polyurethanes and attracts a broad audience in all segments of the industry.

A live event remains the best way to fulfill a multitude of business functions at one event, over a short time period cost effectively. Whether you are new to the polyurethanes market or are an established player, UTECH North America can provide you with the means to realize your specific marketing needs.

  • Generate fresh leads and new business
  • Meet with existing customers and increase customer retention
  • Demonstrate your products and services in a live environment
  • Conduct face to face meetings with many potential customers in a short space of time
  • See what your competitors are doing
  • Raise your company profile and build your market share
  • Network with a captive audience of industry professionals
  • Launch new products and services into the market
  • Extend your exposure beyond the 3 days of the show by taking advantage of our 10-month marketing campaign
  • Chance to speak in one of the exhibitor seminar sessions.

For more information or to reserve a booth at UTECH North America 2020, please contact Ed Rich at erich@crain.com or call +1 330 869 0375.



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